10 Fantastic Lists for your Gardening Season this year

Throughout the time that this site has been live, we have put together quite a number of lists that can help you find the plants that you love and for any purpose you can imagine!  Below are the 10 Fantastic Lists for your gardening season this year!

Top 10 Plug Plants

Top 10 Plug Plants - Begonia

Plug plants are a super easy way to add more color to your gardens.  With plug plants, you don’t have to worry growing seedlings or propagation techniques.  This way you can spend more time enjoying your garden!

View our Top 10 Plug Plants…







Top 10 Perennials

top 10 perennial plants

Perennial flowers add vibrant colors and beauty to your garden from Spring until Fall.  Since these plants return every year, they are an easy way to make the most of any flower garden!

View our Top 10 Perennials to Brighten Your Garden




 Determining Frost Dates

Determining Frost Dates

Determining the frost dates for your region is important so you know when you should start planting.  In this article, we show you how to determine when your growing season is and when you can start growing.

Learn How to Determine Your Frost Dates






6 Easy to Grow Roses

Easy to grow roses - Knock-out roses


Growing beautiful roses can sometimes be difficult.  Various problems such as pests and diseases can easily rattle even the most seasoned gardener.  In this article, I present to you 6 varieties that are disease and pest resistant!

View our 6 Easy to Grow Roses!





Top 5 Native Milkweeds to Attract Monarch Butterflies

Monarch Butterfly


It’s no secret that Monarch Butterflies could use all the help they can get.  Discover the native milkweed plants that you can grow to help the beautiful butterfly out by reading our article!

View our Top 5 Native Milkweeds to Attract Monarch Butterflies




Top 9 Easy Growing, Air Purifying House Plants

House PlantsIt’s no secret that we love houseplants here at Gardening and Tea.  Recently, NASA has compiled a list of air purifying house plants that help to remove the toxins from the air in your home.  Be sure to read our article to find out more!

View our Top 9 Easy Growing, Air Purifying House Plants!





Top 10 Annuals for your Garden

Top 10 Annuals for your garden - GeraniumAnnuals are a sure fire way to help spice up any flower garden.  Given a shorter life cycle, annuals tend to have more prominent flowers along with a more vigorous blooming cycle.  Check out this article to find out some of our favorites!

View our Top 10 Annuals for your garden!





Top 10 tips for Growing House Plants

Growing House PlantsGrowing house plants is a very relaxing and rewarding hobby for many gardeners.   Be sure to check out this article to find out some very useful tips for getting started with growing your indoor garden!

View our Top 10 tips for Growing House Plants!





Top 8 Uses for Tea in your Garden

8 Uses of Tea in your Garden

Tea is a fantastic beverage is is healthy for you.  However, tea is not just for drinking.  Your garden and plants can also benefit from tea and its wide array of uses.  Check out this article to learn more!


View our Top 8 uses for Tea in your Garden!





Top 14 Tips for Growing Seedlings

14 Tips for Growing SeedlingsGrowing seedlings is both a challenging and rewarding experience.  In this article I offer some tips and advice to help improve your odds and growing the strongest and healthiest plants you can.  

View our Top 14 Tips for Growing Seedlings






Wrap Up

Thank you for visiting our site!  Is there any content that you would like to see?  Did we miss anything on our lists, or do you have something you’d like to add?  Feel free to drop us a comment or visit us on social media!

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