17 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

17 Health Benefits of Drinking TeaThis post is a more in depth follow up to a previous post.  Looking to improve your health? Drinking cups of tea a day may finally be the answer you’ve been looking for. However, before you start drinking the whole pot, you should first make sure that what you are drinking is actually the stuff that’s good for you. Healthy teas are made from Camellia sinensis and come in four types: black, green, white, and oolong. Anything other than those variations is made from different types of plants and is not actually considered tea.

However, this drink racks up several health benefits that you can take advantage of when drinking it on a daily or weekly basis. Below, are the common health benefits that we have found from drinking green, black, white, and oolong teas.

17 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

1. Antioxidants found in tea can help your body protect itself from cancers, such as stomach, breast, skin, lung, esophagus, oral, prostate, ovarian, and others. However, you shouldn’t rely on only this to prevent cancer from damaging your health, since most studies have seen mixed results.

2. Tea can properly hydrate your body, even though it contains caffeine. In fact, this drink has nearly half the caffeine as coffee, which can permanently damage your health. If you find yourself suffering from a caffeine addiction, switching from soda or coffee to tea may be a healthy idea to keep your body in peak-condition.

3. Certain varieties of this drink can help to improve health and protect your body from ultraviolet rays found in direct sunlight. Like we explained above, tea can protect your body from skin cancer, which is caused by prolonged exposure from ultraviolet rays. Additionally, green tea bags can also be used as sunscreen, in case you run out!

4. Studies in Japan in 2010 have shown that drinking at least one cup of green tea daily helped improve oral health and reduce the risk of tooth loss. Other researchers have found that certain teas can also help lower your tooth’s pH, which can prevent the growth of dangerous bacteria.

5. Researchers have found that herbal teas can help improve and maintain the digestive system. When mixed with chamomile, people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can experience relief.

6. Studies have shown that antioxidants in green tea can help turn a person’s fat into fuel faster, which can, in turn, boost their endurance while exercising.

7. Researchers have found that those who constantly drink warm tea during the week experience lower waist sizes than those who do not. Studies have also found that regularly drinking this drink can help lower the risk of diabetes, stroke, and artery disease.

8. For those suffering from diabetes, tea can seriously improve your health. Researchers have found that ingredients in green teas can help your body better process sugars.

9. This wonder drink can help prevent neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s due to its polyphenols. Studies have shown that this part of the drink can help improve your brain’s memory, learning centers, and overall health. Tea can help lessen the symptoms, but is not a definite cure.

10. Regularly drinking this drink can help lower the drinker’s risk of Parkinson’s disease. Although you have to take other factors into play, such as physical exercise, health, BMI, and smoking habits, studies have shown that drinking tea at a constant rate can greatly lower the risk of Parkinson’s disease. It can also help other neurodegenerative diseases.

11. The drink can help kill off free radicals in your body that try to damage your DNA and make it susceptible to a number of diseases. Even though our bodies can rid radicals themselves, it’s not a sure proof system and many still exist. Radicals that cause heart disease, cancer, and neurological degenerative diseases can often be eradicated with large consumptions of tea on a daily basis.

12. Since this drink is calorie free, it provides additional health benefits. In fact, you won’t be gaining any unnecessary pounds that coffee can put on. Also, many researchers have found it to be a great replacement to water.

13. Aside from other variations, green teas have been proven to help strengthen and build mineral density in bones. This is especially helpful for elderly folk who find their bones to be degenerating more rapidly.

14. Instead of regularly taking aspirin, drinking tea can help reduce your overall risk of a heart attack. However, it can also help protect your body from degenerative and cardiovascular diseases.

15. This beverage has even more health benefits. It can help boost and maintain your immune system, it can help keep your immune cells healthy and reduce your risk of suffering from certain diseases.

16. Studies have found that it can help your body recover quicker from radiation. Once exposed to cellular degeneration, drinking tea can help increase your cell count and prevent damage from post exposure.

17. Regularly drinking this hot beverage can help negate the health effects of smoking and lower your risk of developing lung cancer. However, you should reduce your smoking consumption for best results.


Even though there are dozens upon dozens of health benefits that come with this drink, most aren’t definite and vary person to person. It’s important to take everything into consideration.  When drinking tea, make sure that you try drinking it iced more often. Hot beverages can increase your risk of esophageal cancer, as well as others. So, when you do drink it hot, give it a few minutes to cool before drinking.

A variety of the tests and studies above were produced using a rat, which does not fully represent what a human may experience. We’re not trying to discourage you, but take that fact into consideration. The takeaway from this guide is to drink healthier options than what most companies offer on the market. Drinking one simple cup a day can help boost your health, but should not be the only thing to take to keep yourself healthy.

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