6 Easy to Grow Roses

Lovely and fragrant roses are favorites of most gardeners, but some varieties can be difficult to grow for novices. There are many different types of roses, and some of the modern versions are easier to grow than the those found in Grandma’s garden. Information about some of the most attractive and easiest to grow roses is included in this blog post.

Many people decide to enhance their landscape with flowering bushes and plants after purchasing a new home. Unless they have experience with flower gardening, they will soon discover some plants are easy to grow while others are not. The first rule of flower gardening is to identify which plants will grow well where they are planted. 

It is essential to pay close attention to the zone requirements of your bushes.  Certain plants cannot survive the freezing temperatures of winter. In addition to ensuring the required amount of sun or shade is provided, the correct soil type is also needed.

 Getting Started

When creating a new permanent flower garden, the novice gardener should anticipate the mature size of the plants chosen. Some rose bushes have the potential to grow 7 feet tall or more, so plenty of space should be allowed for future growth. Most varieties average about 3 feet or less in height, and some spread outwards rather than upwards. Where the rosebush is planted should be considered a permanent location since established bushes can be very difficult to remove.While completely eliminating an established rose bush can be challenging, beautiful blooms require proper maintenance. Some people decide to remove an existing rose bush since it may not bloom as much as they would like. They will soon learn that rose bushes are notorious for returning time and again since they have very deep root systems.

Learning how to properly care for an existing bush is a better solution than removing it unless digging it up is absolutely necessity.

 Oso Easy

Easy to grow roses - Oso Easy
Topping the list of low maintenance roses is a variety called Oso Easy.  This variety seems to live up to its name. The shrub survives easily in zones 3 to 9 and the compact bush grows from 1 to 3 feet high. This variety works well for beginner gardeners since they require no deadheading or spraying. Simply planting in good soil, a sunny location and providing adequate water will keep the blooms popping all summer.

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 Carefree Roses

Easy to grow roses - Carefree roses
While low-growing rosebushes are preferred by some, Carefree Roses grows up to 6 feet in height. As the name implies, these plants are heat, pest and disease resistant so require little maintenance other than basic care. Plant them next to an arbor or a supporting structure and enjoy them as they bloom repeatedly all summer long.

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 Knock-out Roses

Easy to grow roses - Knock-out roses
Knock-out Roses come in shades including red, pink and yellow, and are very popular with novice and experienced gardeners alike. This family of roses grows well in zones 5 and above and are very easy to maintain. The rosebush is compact, grows up to 4 feet high and produces continuous blooms from spring to fall. Knock-out roses are disease resistant, require no deadheading and are not negatively affected by drought once they are established.

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Easy to grow roses - Peace Rose
Peace was first identified in 1935 and it has been referred to as the 20th centuries most famous rose. The extra-large blooms of 5 to 6 inches across have an unusual coloration of soft yellow edged with pink. The flowers are sweetly scented and grow on impressive bushes 5 to 6 feet wide. In addition to its beauty, this rose bush that thrives in zones 4 to 9 is considered to be low maintenance.

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 Marmalade Skies

Easy to Grow Roses - Marmalade Skies
Marmalade Skies are exactly what novice gardeners will appreciate. This variety develops clusters of blooms at the end of the stem, so they are easy to cut and display as a bouquet. The continuous bloomer produces flowers that range in color from pink to tropical red, and the blooms have a sweet and fruity fragrance. This floribunda is compact and grows to 3 feet tall or less in zones 5 through 9, and it requires no spraying for insects or disease.

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 Sweet Drift

Easy to grow roses - Sweet Drift
Sweet Drift is unique in that it is a groundcover rosebush that is very easy to grow. The low-growing bush produces candy pink double blossom clusters that appear to float above the glossy dark green foliage. The spreading habit of Drift roses make the variety a great choice in small gardens, hillsides or to fill empty spaces in perennial gardens. As with all rosebushes, Drift roses require full sun and adequate water. This low maintenance plant will also adapt to various soil types.

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 In Closing

Growing roses may seem too difficult for first time gardeners.  By choosing low maintenance plants well-suited to the climate, it makes the goal less challenging. When novice gardeners invest a little time in educating themselves about flower gardening with roses, they can have a lovely garden filled with fragrant flowers. Simply choosing rosebushes rated for their zone, providing the proper planting location and adequate water is sure to bring them satisfaction and admiration from the neighbors.

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