Host the Ultimate Adult Tea Party

Host the Ultimate Adult Tea Party

Summer Tea PartyThe iconic image of the little girl dressed in a pretty dress, sitting at a table surrounded by stuffed animals and dolls, and a pot of steaming hot tea–imaginary, of course–in the middle of the table is a pure visualization of childhood. As we grow older, our love of tea doesn’t dissipate as our dates with stuffed animals might. Grownups can throw some great adult tea parties of their own. A creative and memorable adult tea party is right around the corner when following these simple steps.

The Invites

Like any party, it all begins with the invites. Invitations are the first glimpse into the party experience you’re offering. From casual invitation styles to elegant ones, there are plenty to choose from or you may even opt to handcraft them yourself. Teapots, teacups, floral prints, and tea cookies can accentuate the theme and add details to your invitation design that will certainly paint a picture of your event. 

The Plan

Planning a successful party begins with a selecting a theme and invitations to coordinate that theme. When you’ve determined who to invite and the focus of your event it’s now time to plan the details–food, drink, and entertainment are what makes a party a party. Tie the theme closely to what’s being served. Take into consideration the time of day of the event and plan the food, drink, and entertainment that complements it well. 

The Drinks

Perhaps the most important aspect of your Adult Tea Party is what you’re serving to drink. Tea is obvious–it is a tea party, after all–but it isn’t the only drink that may be served. Cocktails made with tea make an excellent addition to the soiree. Tea combinations lend spice, complex flavors, floral hints, and earthy tones to cocktails. Chamomile tea pairs amazingly well with tequila. The classic Arnold Palmer–lemonade mixed with iced tea–can be brightened with limoncello or vodka. Prefer a party without alcohol? Not a problem! Just make sure that you have a variety of teas both hot and cold ready for the party. 

The Eats

Nearly as important as the tea being served, is the food that accompanies. Finger sandwiches are classic but today’s modern party host wants to think outside of the box. Pairing drink choices with foods provide an easy way to discover what snacks to prepare. A lighter, white may go great with a salad with subtle flavors allowing the full essence of the tea to smack your guests’ tongues. Going spicy with your food choices? Black tea makes an excellent partner on the palate. Different teas allow for different foods–allow your party goers to explore the world through their senses. 

The Decor

Tea parties are chockful of whimsy. From Mad Hatter to garden parties you can really get caught up in the theme. Try garden lanterns, flowers, tiered displays, elegant centerpieces, and plenty of colors. Soft pastels are always a great choice to complement a tea party theme. Other things to consider are unique party favors such as flavored spoons, loose tea bars, and sumptuous treats for guests to take home. 

The Set-Up

Now that the drinks have been selected, foods have been paired, decor purchased, and invitations sent, the real work can begin. The big day usually puts pressure on the host to make sure everything is ready for the guests. If you’ve planned accordingly and prepared for the event, this is going to be the easy part. Make your foods and store them in the proper manner. Drinks can be organized, iced tea created, and alcohol sorted. The more prepared you are prior to the day allows you opportunities to work on small details before your guests arrive. 

The Experience

The life of the party rests in the entertainment. Choose activities that compliment your guest’s personalities. This will not only ensure guests are comfortable, it will also keep them engaged and ready to mingle. Trivia games to scavenger hunts, croquet to badminton, musical entertainment to arts and crafts. Find an idea or two that inspires guests to break the ice and have a good time. 

The Clean-Up

The mess left behind after a party can be overwhelming once you’ve hosted your own shindig. Who wants to clean up the disaster left behind by your guests? This is where you get to reflect, relax, and enjoy your solitude. Cleaning up is the opportunity to see what guests seem to like the most. A way for you to get an idea as to what drink was the most popular, what food was the most popular, what activity was the most engaging. This gives you a great chance to host an even better adult party the next time.

Elegant, classy, and delicious–adult tea parties are growing in popularity. The chance to mix the flavor explosions of tea with hot talk and tasty finger foods. Hosting your own party doesn’t have to be difficult. Think about who your audience is and plan accordingly. Themes, snacks, and cocktails can liven up the experience of your guests. Make your next party an adult tea party.

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