My New Found Love of Tea

Tea CupOver the past several years, I haven’t really taken that great of care of myself.  This is mostly due to diet and all.  Within the past year or so, I have noticed that I have somehow managed to pickup a pretty hefty addiction to soda.  Now, for those who know me, this shouldn’t come as a surprise as I was drinking between 5 to 10 sugary beverages a day back in high school.  Now, 10 years later, I have decided to do something about it.

For the most part, I have managed to cut out most refined sugars from my diet.  And let me tell you, it was hard.  One of the things that helped me cope with losing all the sugary goodness that my brained desired was tea.  At the very least, it was a way for me to consume my fluids with flavor, but without all the sugar.

So let’s talk about the benefits of tea today.

It is a well-known fact that teas contain antioxidants.

Your body naturally creates free radicals, which is damaging to your body.  Antioxidants essentially help to neutralize and remove these molecules.  Thus, it helps to protect us and keep our bodies clean.

Tea has caffeine! 

Tea does have caffeine, but only about half of the levels of coffee.  Herbal and green types often times have no caffeine at all. For myself, this has also helped to slowly wean myself off sodas and to lower my caffeine intake.

Tea is heart healthy.

 There is quite a bit of literature and studies out there about tea and heart health.  In fact, here’s one. Oh, and here’s another. Also, recent studies have shown a link between tea and a decrease chance of strokes, heart attacks, and lower levels of LDL cholesterol.

Assists with weight loss.  

There are some studies that also show tea can assist with weight loss.  For myself, by replacing soda with tea, I am not consuming nearly the amount of calories that I used to.  This had led me to shed more than a few pounds.  Which leads me to…

Tea naturally is calorie free.  

Assuming that you don’t cram your tea with honey or sugar, then tea is naturally calorie free.  Since there are so many flavors and types of tea, this makes it extremely versatile in being a calorie free alternative to water.

With all of that being said, for those that are interested, I order through a company called TeaBox.  They are a company in India that has the goal of providing a fresher product to people around the world. I have tried many teas from many companies, and so far theirs are some of the freshest I have tasted. Before you ask, no they don’t pay me to advertise for them, but if you get the chance, I would recommend checking out their site.  They have a wide variety of products, and even gift sets.  I am in the US, and despite being in India, most orders only take 4 days to arrive.  Also, they do have a subscription service as well that can help you try many flavors.



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