Today’s Tea – Lavender Earl Grey

Lavender Earl GreyHello all!  Today I am reviewing one of my favorite teas from   Today’s tea is none other than Lavender Earl Grey.  This was actually one of the first teas that I had ordered through Teabox.  This particular type of tea contains Bergomot oil, as with any Earl Grey tea. However, it additionally has Lavender and Cornflower as ingredients.  For those unfamiliar with cornflower, I am not referring to corn flour that you make corndogs, breads, and hush puppies from.  Cornflower, instead is a small herb whose flowers are bluish/indigo in color.

When drinking this tea, you will notice, that it is very much an Earl Grey.  The Bergomot oil is of course as present as ever, but fades to a hint of lavender as you sip it.  This particular tea is a tea you want to drink warm to get the full flavor and aroma from it.

With that being said, some teas will lend themselves to particular times of day.  Some are best as breakfast teas, some are not.  Lavender Earl Grey really shines as an evening tea, or even as a tea to drink with a dessert.  Due be aware that it does have a medium level of caffeine.  This will mean, that you shouldn’t drink it as a night tea.  You can drink it plain, or pair it with sugar.  I, myself, sometimes mix a bit of milk with it as well.

How to Prepare

The way you prepare this tea is similar to other teas, with some exceptions.  You will want to use 1.5/tsp 2.5 g of tea leaves to 6 oz. of water.  When you heat the water, you want the temperature range to be between 176 – 185F.  This means that if you straight up use boiling water, it will be too hot, and can alter the flavor and nutrients of the tea.  This tea usually needs to be steeped for 4 minutes.  If you prefer a stronger tea, then it can be steeped twice.

Food Pairings for Lavender Earl Grey

I have found that various pound cakes, honey cakes, and vanilla deserts are a good pairing with Lavender Earl Grey.  If you have an oriental market nearby, some of the small cakes they carry often pair well due to their lower sugar content.  I typically will pair this tea with a Euro Cake since it has 7g of sugar or less.

In Closing

If you love Earl Grey teas, then this is one not to miss. On a rating out of 10, I would give this probably a 9/10.  Click here to find Lavender Earl Grey at Teabox.  

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