Top 10 Annuals for your Garden

Top 10 Annuals for your Garden

Today I will list our top 10 annuals for your garden.  Annuals have an entire life cycle that conforms to a single year. This means they sprout from seed, grow, bloom, go to seed, and die all within the same year or growing season. Given this, they need to be replanted every year.  In a previous article I discussed perennials.  So often times, the question becomes why would you ever want annuals over perennials?  The answer is actually quite simple.  Annuals tend to produce more blooms and show more vibrant colors than perennials. With that being said, lets waste no time and look at our top 10 annuals for your garden!

10) Marigolds

Top 10 Annuals for your garden - Marigold

I have touched on Marigolds before when writing about plug plants.  Marigolds are often times a gardener’s first choice when picking out annuals. They continuously flower, and are notoriously easy to grow. They do have a scent that some find unpleasant, but this is what supposedly repels pests.  Due to this, they can also be utilized in vegetable gardens to help keep pests at bay.  You can check out our article on square foot gardening for a way to incorporate marigolds into your gardens.








9.) Begonias

Top 10 Annuals for your garden - Begonia

Begonias are well suited for flower beds, containers, and even baskets. These flowers are another common annual that can go great in any flower garden. Previously, you could only find the more traditional selection of reds, pinks, or whites. But now days, you have many colors to choose from!






8.) Celosia

Top 10 Annuals  for your garden - Celosia

Celosia are sure to make your gardens pop with color. The flowers of celosia can easily be used in arrangements as fresh cuts or even dried. You can often find celosia with plumes of red, yellows, oranges or even purples.






7.) Geraniums

Top 10 Annuals for your garden - Geranium

Geraniums are another common gardening plant that makes the list for top 10 annuals for your garden. And it’s easy to see why. They have smaller flowers, but these small flowers do great in attracting butterflies and bees. And oddly enough, they are even deer resistant.





6.) Impatiens

Top 10 Annuals for your garden - Impatiens

Impatiens can usually fit into any flower garden. They tend to be well suited for partial sun and even shade. Their flowers are very beautiful, and as discussed before can even be used as a plug plant.






5.) Sweet Pea

Top 10 annuals for your garden - sweet pea

Oh sweet pea.  These are some of my absolutely favorite flowers. Sweet pea comes in a variety of colors. Sweet peas are a great plant if you would like to start growing from seed. They have large round seeds that are easy to handle, and they germinate easily. Sweet peas come in multiple varieties with some growing up to 6 feet, while others are more of a bushy type.  Sweet pea is considered to be slightly toxic, so this is one to keep away from kids or pets.





4.) Heliotrope

Top 10 Annuals for your Garden - Heliotrope

Heliotrope has a very distinctive scent that tends to smell fruity. This interesting plant bears pink to purple flowers. Plant this beauty, and you will not be disappointed.








3.) Sunflower

Top 10 Annuals for your Garden - Sunflower

No annual list can be complete without mentioning sunflowers. Most people are familiar with the more traditional sunflowers, but many gardening enthusiasts have breed all kinds of variants. You can get the super tall looming kind, to dwarf sunflowers that only stand about 3 feet tall. Sunflowers are also not only yellow, but can also feature oranges and reds.





2.) Lantana

Top 10 Annuals for your Garden - Lantana

Lantana is a plant that can thrive with little moisture and bright sun. With this being said, they are well suited for warmer climates. Lantana produces many blooms, flowers from summer to fall, and attracts hummingbirds and bees. Given how easy it is to grow, I can easily recommend it.






1.) Moonflower

Top 10 Annuals for your Garden - Moonflower

Moonflower (Datura innoxia) is a lovely little annual that produces large trumpet like flowers. Interestingly enough, the flowers open in the evening or on overcast days and stay open until sunrise. Moonflower tend to be heat and drought resistant as well.  The only downside is that is very toxic, so be sure to keep this out of areas where children and pets frequent and always use safety glasses and gloves when dealing with this plant.

There is also a type of morning glory that is similar to Datura Innoxia.   Often called Moonflower Vine, Ipomoea alba, can still be toxic if ingested but is no where near the toxicity of the Datura type of Moonflower.  Again, as with any morning glory, it is recommended to keep small children and pets away from this version of Moonflower as well.  Also, just like morning glories, Ipomoea alba may be considered invasive in certain parts of the US.




Wrap Up

All of these annuals are great choices.  Their prolific blooming and striking features make them a great addition to any garden.  So what did you think of my top 10?  Are there any annuals that I missed?  Do you have any tips that you would like to add.  Be sure to hit up the comments section!

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