Top 10 Perennials to Brighten Your Garden

Top 10 Perennials

Today I present to you my top 10 perennials. As a gardener, perennials are some of the best plants for your gardens since they come back year after year. Their longevity also presents the added benefit of getting more bang for your buck as well.  But now your question is, which perennials are the best?

10) Purple Coneflower

Top 10 Perennials - Coneflowers

The Purple Coneflower is a lovely little flower that belongs to the genus Echinacea. These are tough plants that produce abundant amounts of blooms. Their flowers popup from the middle of summer through fall.  Newer varieties of coneflower come in all sorts of colors, but the purple coneflower is my favorite.






9) Sedum

Top 10 Perennials - Sedum

Sedum are a common perennial that are known for their unusual foliage. They also come in all sorts of sizes and shapes that vary from ground covers to more stalky upright types. Their flowers usually form in groups. Seeing as how they are considered to be a succulent, they tend to be pretty easy to grow. Given the number of cultivars and types available, you can find one for any need you have!





8.) Coreopsis

Top 10 Perennials - Coreopsis

Coreopsis is also known as Tickseed Plants. For Coreopsis, there are both annual and perennial cultivars.  When picking them out, make sure you check to package to make sure it is a perennial variety.  Their long blooming flowers usually show up from early summer until fall. Since Coreopsis is one of the easiest and most vibrant of the perennials that you can grow, it is definitely something to check out.






7.) Black-Eyed Susan

Top 10 Perennials - Black-Eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan comes in perennial varieties, but again you have to make sure you are picking out the correct variant. As usual be sure to check the packaging and compare it to your growing zone. These bright little plants feature hairy leaves and stems along with bright golden flowers. They tend to bloom throughout summer and make a great addition to any flower bed.






6.) Yarrow

Yarrow is often sold as a perennial but is actually an herb. The plant is very forgiving and is notably easy to grow. Their flowers tend to grow in clusters and can be red, pink, or yellow. Butterflies love this native plant, and it makes a great plant for borders or any garden.






5.) Blanket Flower / Gaillardia 

Top 10 Perennials - Gaillardia

Gaillardia is a beautiful flower that I have written about before in my article on fall gardening.  Also known as blanket-flower, these stunning plants feature a pallete of reds, yellows, and maroons that are sure to catch your eye. This is also a tough little plant and is a lovely perennial that is easy to grow.






4.) Lavender

Top 10 Perennials - Lavender

Lavender is another plant that I have written about extensively.  Being one of my favorite plants, there should be no surprise that I add it to my top 10 perennials.  The color of the blooms of lavender are always a wonderful sight to behold. Also, it is such a versatile plant since you can take cuttings from it to form arrangements, grow in hedges, or even use for aroma therapy. You really can’t go wrong with this pick!

Be sure to check out my article on how to grow lavender!





3.) Daisy

Top 10 Flowers - Daisy

Daisies are one of the flowers that almost everyone is familiar with. There are perennial types of daisies, and these can easily fill in any empty spaces you may have in your garden. Daises are easy to grow, and their simplicity makes them great. In USA Zones 9+ you can use the Marguerite variant as a perennial. In zones 3-7, painted daisies are a good choice as are Shasta Daisies.  If you have any questions on whether you can grow them as a perennial, be sure to consult the packaging or your nearest plant nursery.






2.) Bee Balm

Top 10 Perennials - Bee Balm

Bee balm is so named because the bees certainly love it. So do hummingbirds and gardeners alike. Bee balm is actually considered an herb as it’s leaves and flowers can be used in salads or teas. In summer, when it flowers, you can cut whole stems to use in arrangements.   









1.) Delphinium

Top 10 Perennials - Delphinium

Delphinium are great perennial plants that are grown for their vibrant spikes of flowers. Blooming in summer, you can often find variants that feature white, pink, purple, or even blue flowers. These are popular in cottage gardens or with those who love taking cuttings for arrangements. These feature some of my favorite colors, and hence are the top plant in my list of top 10 perennials to brighten your garden.









Wrap Up

All of these plants are absolutely lovely, and the fact they come back year after year certainly adds to their appeal.  So what did you think of my top 10?  Are there any perennials that I missed?  Do you have any tips that you would like to add.  Be sure to hit up the comments section!

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